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Can AC Power Lines Cause Ductile Iron Pipe Corrosion?

May 09, 2018

Because buried Ductile Iron Pipes are discontinuous and therefore are basically grounded for their whole duration, overhead AC power lines usually do not inflict rust or security issues. The size of the induced voltage and current on the pipeline is a part of lots of factors, for example, duration of pipeline paralleling that the AC power line, the longitudinal resistance of the pipeline, and also the immunity of the DI Flanged Pipe coating.

DI Socket Fittings are produced in minimal 18- and - 20-foot lengths and uses a rubber-gasketed jointing system. These rubber-gasketed joints provide electrical resistance that could differ from a fraction of an ohm to a number of ohms but is adequate for Ductile Iron pipelines to be thought of electrically discontinuous. In effect, the rubber-gasketed joints usually section the pipe, limiting its continuous span, and protect against magnetic induction by being a problem. Additionally, generally, Ductile Iron pipelines are set up bare with just a typical 1-mil asphaltic coating and so are effectively grounded because of their whole length, which further prevents magnetic induction onto the horizon.

During building of DI Flanged Pipe Fittings in the area of overhead AC power lines, certain safety precautions must be followed closely, e.g., "limitation of strategy" regulations regulating structure equipment, grounding straps, chains attached to rubber-tired vehicles to offer a floor, grounding mats, etc., particularly if security issues are heightened as a result of using joint bonding and dielectric coatings.

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