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Will The Ductile Iron Pipe Rust?

Jul 10, 2018

Is ductile iron pipe rusting in application? I believe that many people will have a certain understanding of this problem, but for laymen, they only understand whether the surface will rust, but not the deep reason. How should we understand these issues? Will these problems affect the price of ductile iron pipes?

Will it rust, the key is whether the anti-corrosion process of the ductile iron pipe is in place. Qualified ductile iron pipes are required to be lined with standard thick road cement; the outer wall of the pipe is required to be sprayed with zinc and coated with asphalt, and other epoxy paints may be selected. These problems are related to the efficiency of the ductile iron pipe in the market. We are not very clear about the problem. At this time, we will also understand. Many times, too many problems are what we have neglected. When we are busy a lot, we will find that the most fundamental problem is very simple.

Qualified ductile iron pipe can be used for more than 100 years. The main rust is the place where the outer wall is in contact with the soil. Because of its high humidity and rich in oxygen. The qualified anti-corrosion can effectively resist rust. Even if it is very long and long, there is no problem. For such a scenario, we have to control our production process and have good anti-corrosion.

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