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What is the Socket Connection

Oct 17, 2017

The pipe or tube at one end of the pump into the mouth to be inserted into the mouth, the well in the gap with the slope of the material to seal the connection. City fill material points are flexible green lead, elastic rubber seals, cement mortar and so on. For cast iron pipe, pliers concrete, plastic shadows and other connections. Easy to disassemble. But the construction operation is inconvenient. Adapt to the requirements of flexible connection and rigid connection.

DI Socket Fitting

We are DI socket fitting manufacturer. Our products about socket fittings are:DI Socket Fittings With Push-on On Joint(Tyton Joint), DI Socket Fittings With Self-anchoring Joint(Restrained Joint), DI Socket Fittings With EX Joint and DI Socket Fittings With Mechnical Joint(K-type Joint).

Our related products: Ductile Iron Pipe, Ductile Irop Pipe Fitting, Joint, Valve, Water Meter,Water Meter Box, Manhole Cover,Gully Grating, Surface Box, Manhole Steps, Flange, Hydrant and accessories.

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