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Water Supply Ductile Iron Pipes Installation Specifications

Jan 31, 2018

Ductile iron pipes are characterized by mild high, thin walls, pressure, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, seismic resistance and other properties. Pipe interface with flexible interface, but also a certain degree of elongation and deflection angle. It has the advantages of pig iron pipe and steel pipe material, to avoid the shortcomings of iron and steel.

Ductile Iron Pipes

1, Trench excavation: trench bottom width should be based on the following formula: B = D1 +2 (b1 + b2). Where: B - excavation width at the bottom of pipe trench (mm) D1 - width of outer edge of pipe structure (mm) b1 - working face width at pipe side (mm) b2- support width at pipe side .

2, Trench support: According to the trench soil, groundwater, slotted section, load conditions and other factors for the design requirements of solid and reliable, to prevent landslides, support shall not hinder the down pipe and pipe.

3, T-type interface pipe should be set at the vertical or horizontal corner branch pier. Should be based on diameter, corner, working pressure and other factors calculated by the support pier size.

4, The transport of drinking water, the pipeline should not pass through poisonous contaminated areas, such as the need to wear protective measures should be taken.

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