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What Is the Installation Guide of Water Meter?

Jun 21, 2018

When you are installing a new Water Meter, then take care to be sure the job is completed properly from the beginning. Careless mistakes made throughout the installation may damage the brand new water meter and provide line connections, in addition to potentially cause substantial property damage if left and leaking unattended. How can you get through the procedure correctly without needing to be concerned about possible problems that might emerge? Below are a few basic guidelines to follow along with most Water Meter Box installations.

A correctly functioning service line valve is vital in completing this Procedure. Normally, there are two choices; a support line valve situated out (generally at or close to land line or a tube pit) or a line valve situated inside the house, in a basement or mechanical cupboard. Here are a Few of the most important items that you Want to know about installing yards

No matter if the setup would be to replace an present water meter or to set up a new meter, then Observe the next;

It's very good practice prior to cutting any China Ductile Iron Pipe or eliminating whatever you do the service line closed down to ensure the line valve you're relying on is functioning correctly.

This is carried out by getting rid of the display in a cold water source faucet at the home and flowing that tap in a slow or moderate rate.

Switch off the supply line valve and examine the faucet to be certain the water source was switched off.

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