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Universal Coupling Supplier

Dec 07, 2017

What is universal coupling?

Universal coupling is used for mechanical parts for coupling two shafts (drive shaft and driven shaft) in different mechanisms to rotate together to transmit torque. In high-speed heavy-duty power transmission, some coupling also buffer, reduce vibration and improve the dynamic performance of the shaft. Coupling consists of two halves, respectively, with the drive shaft and driven shaft coupling. Most power machines are mostly connected by couplings and working machines.

Structure of universal coupling

Structural type editing universal coupling has a variety of structural styles, such as: cross-axis, ball cage, ball fork, bump, ball pin, ball hinge, ball hinge plunger, three pin, Tri-bar type, three-pin type, hinge type; the most commonly used for the cross-axis, followed by the ball cage. In practice, according to the size of the torque transmitted, divided into heavy, medium, light and small. The function is used to connect the two axes together. The two axes can not be separated when the machine is running. Only when the machine stops and the linkage is disassembled can the two axes be separated.

We are universal couplings supplier in China. Our Universal Couplings include: Universal Couplings For DI Pipes, Universal Couplings For PVC Pipes, Universal Couplings For Steel Pipes. Features of our universal couplings: Standard: ISO2531,EN545; Pressure: PN10/PN16.

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