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Unimaginable Art of The Manhole Cover

Aug 22, 2017

Manhole cover is such familiar to us. We walk over them every day. Their functions to most of us may be their industrial use. Some college students may can tell that they can see many scrawls on the manhole cover in their colleges. For example, the shield of Captain American, college badges. But did you stop and think about creating some beautiful arts with them? One team in London did such a meaning job!

Their original intention is to “celebrate the gatekeepers” to the subterranean world beneath London’s streets—manhole cover. First they took rubbings of various forms of manhole covers, then they design it into an amazing piece of print. “Our hope is that this collection of street covers can serve as a reminder that a city’ beauty isn’t limited to art galleries or grand architecture, and that intricate design is everywhere,” they told to people in a interview.

Did you have more enthusiasm after reading this news? Hope manhole cover will bring you more happiness.

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