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How To Tell Ductile Pipe From Cast Iron Pipe ?

Feb 20, 2019

Ductile Iron Pipe is lighter, stronger, and stronger than cast iron. The difference between cast iron and ductile iron would be that the graphite form.

In ductile iron, the graphite form is spheroidal, or nodular; in cast iron, it is in a flake form. The spheroidal or nodular form of graphite found in ductile iron is accomplished by adding an inoculant, usually magnesium, to the molten iron during the manufacture process. Ductile iron can be identified in a laboratory setting by using a spectrograph to examine its exact composition, or by using a tensile test.

Ductile Iron Pipe

Ductile Iron Pipe and Fitting Manufacturer tell you its steps.

Step 1 Examine the pipe;

Step 2

Look for markings on the face of the bell flange. Most ductile pipes have the letters "D I" or the word "Ductile" cast directly into the face of the bell flange. No cast iron pipes have these markings.

Step 3

Look for markings on the outside of the Tyton Joint Ductile Iron Pipe

Step 4

Make a laboratory identification by using a spectrograph to examine the exact composition or by using a tensile test. 

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