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Anti-corrosion Treatment Of Self-anchored Ductile Iron Pipe

Apr 11, 2019

As a Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings Supplier, let's talk about the anti-corrosion treatment of the Self-anchored Ductile Iron Pipe.

Self-anchored Ductile Iron Pipe uses cement (material: powdered hydraulic inorganic cementing material) mortar to lining special coating. This internal anti-corrosion measure (pointer to solution to the problem) is suitable for conveying sewage pipes, which can improve the lining. Corrosion resistance (interpretation: refers to decay, disappearance, erosion, etc.) ability. Self-anchored Ductile Iron Pipe is used for water, drainage and gas transfer lines, including cast iron straight pipes and fittings. Ductile iron pipes have low labor intensity. According to different casting methods, it is divided into continuous cast iron pipe and centrifugal cast iron pipe. The centrifugal cast iron pipe is divided into sand type and metal type.

Self-anchored Ductile Iron Pipe

Self-anchored Ductile Iron Pipe uses epoxy ceramic lining for sewage and gas pipelines. However, due to its large manufacturing difficulty and high cost, it has certain limitations in its use. Cast Iron Pipe, a tube cast from cast iron. Ductile iron pipes are divided into flexible interfaces, flange interfaces, self-anchored interfaces, rigid interfaces, etc. according to the interface form. Self-anchored Ductile Iron Pipe is made of low-phosphorus and low-sulfur cast iron produced by iron-making blast furnace. It is cast by water-cooled metal centrifugal pipe casting machine according to the current international advanced centrifugal casting and annealing process. It is annealed and socket trimmed. , hydraulic test, inner wall lining cement, cement lining health, water-grinding cement lining, outer wall coated asphalt paint, asphalt paint baking, socket anti-rust treatment, squirting head and packaging, etc. High strength, high elongation, corrosion resistant steel reinforcement. Epoxy ceramic lining is an excellent anti-corrosion coating with high adhesion and finish.

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