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Selection Advice of Ductile Iron Pipe

Feb 27, 2018

The use of cast iron on the 18th after the addition of nodular cast iron, centrifuged by centrifugal ductile iron casting machine into a high-speed pipe, called "Ductile Cast Iron Pipes" (Ductile Cast Iron Pipes), referred to as the ball tube, ductile iron and Ductile cast pipe and so on. Mainly used for water transport, water pipe is the ideal choice of materials.

Selection advice of Ductile Iron Pipe

A Ductile iron pipe selection should be based on the specific circumstances of the laying, the choice of straight pipe and accessories interface form.

2 Rubber ring usually use NBR, SBR, EPDM and other materials.

3 Coating options: According to the use of internal and external conditions, select the appropriate coating. The existing inner coating is epoxy resin, polyurethane inside and outside coating, PE film coating ductile iron pipe new products, the selection should be a detailed understanding of its performance.

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