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Selection Description of Rubber Expansion Joints

Jan 18, 2018

Flexible rubber expansion joints optional instructions:

Rubber Expansion Joints

1. Rubber joints for conventional temperature -200 ~ 70 ℃. Instantaneous temperature up to 115 ℃, the use of temperature is 70 ~ 115 ℃.

2. Flange connection rubber joints, working pressure and high working temperature (diameter 200 above, the temperature above 70 ℃, working pressure 1.5Mpa above), the optional flange rubber connector with a limit device.

3. Flanged rubber joints, flange bolts in the installation from the inside of the flange to the flange ends respectively, to pay washers or spring washers, bolts to tighten diagonally.

Live joints connected rubber joints, left and right ends of the installation of live joints do not change, so as to avoid product leakage or damage.

SOLID, your reliable rubber expansion joints factory.

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