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Rubber Expansion Joints Supplier

Dec 21, 2017

Solid is rubber expansion joint supplier. We wholesale rubber expansion joint on line. Our rubber expansion joints have been shipped to many different countries. Welcome choose us.

Rubber expansion joint is generally composed of a smooth wave compensation element with rubber flanges at both ends and a metal flange. Metal flange often used loose structure.

The surface of the waveform compensation element is rubber, and the inner layer is an interlayer strengthened by several layers of strong fibers or steel strips (wires). Strengthen the fiber or strip (wire) and other reinforced sandwich has been extended to both ends of the plastic flange, the flange has a hard steel skeleton. Such as plastic expansion joint has a larger displacement compensation capability, axial, lateral and angular displacement compensation, reduce noise, reduce vibration and a certain anti-corrosion ability. Its high pressure, good elasticity, displacement, vibration and noise reduction effect, easy installation, etc., can be widely used in water supply and drainage, HVAC, fire fighting, compressors, paper, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, pumps, fans and other pipe system.

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