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Two Methods Electrosteel Principally Manufacture Flanged Pipes Used

Oct 11, 2017

Ductile Iron Flanged Pipes

The Flanged joint is a rigid pipe joint typically used in above ground applications such as treatment works, pumping stations or fire mains.

DI Flanged Pipes

Electrosteel principally manufacture Flanged pipes using 2 methods:

· Welded Flange Pipes - Flanges are machined to an established 'undersize'specific to the pipe spigot, heated and shrink fitted to the pipe barrel. Subsequently they are welded to create a strong jointing system.

· Cast Flange Pipes - These pipes are cast in our foundry as a single unit using our advanced Lost Foam method


Due to the rigid nature of the joint and the risk of excessive bending moment being imposed it is advised that flanged pipework is not used in buried pipelines.

Our product are:Ductile Iron Pipe(Tyton Joint or Push on Joint),Ductile Iron Pipe(K Type Joint or Mechanical Joint) and Ductile Iron Pipe(Self-anchored or Restrained Joint).

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