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Installation Of Ductile Iron Pipe Flange And Valve

Jul 27, 2018

1) Flange installation

A. First, clean the flange sealing surface, put the rubber pad in a flat position, and no more than 2 rubber pad stubble places; The end face should be kept parallel. The gap between the two flanges should not exceed 2mm.

B. Flange connection shall be kept coaxial, and the center deviation of bolt hole shall not exceed 5% of the hole diameter, and the direction of bolt free penetration shall be consistent when installing the bolt; When tightening the bolt, tighten it evenly and symmetrically. It is not allowed to tighten one side first and then the other side. Nuts shall be installed on the same side of the flange.

C. When installing gates or other pipe fittings with flanges, in order to prevent the gate or other pipe fittings from causing tensile stress, all bolts connected with flanges at the interface of one or both adjacent sides shall be tightened before connecting.

D All bolts must be stainless steel bolts.

2) installation of accessories

A. When installing various accessories, the product specifications and models of the attachment should be checked. Check the appearance and quality of the product. Do not use pipe fittings that do not meet the specifications. The product certificate must be complete.

B. Check whether the stem rotates flexibly before installing the valve and remove dirt in the valve. The position and installation direction of valve should conform to the design regulations, and the direction of valve stem should be convenient for maintenance and operation. The valve stem on the horizontal pipe should be vertically upwards or mounted on the upper semicircle.

C. Fire Hydrant With Flange shall be installed after the pipe water pressure test is qualified, and the installation position shall correspond to the design position.

D. When installing various kinds of gate valves, including Flanged End Gate Valve, pay attention to checking the vertical degree of the center line, elevation and pipe end flange of the pipeline, and installation can only be carried out after meeting the requirements.

E. After installation of the valve, complete the integral connection of the pipeline according to the construction design. Butterfly Valve manual stem should be vertical up.

Fire Hydrant With Flange

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