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How to Connect DI Flanged Fittings?

Sep 27, 2017

Flange connection is an important connection about pipeline construction. Flange connection is fix the two pipes, fittings or equipment with flange. Put flange pad between the two flanges, fastened together with bolts to complete the connection. Some fittings and equipment have flange themselves, which also belong to flange connection.

DI Flanged Fittings

Flange include threaded flange connection (wire) flange and welding flange. Low voltage and small diameter wire flange, high pressure and low pressure use of large diameter welded flange, different pressure flange thickness and bolt diameter and the number is different.

According to the different grades of pressure, the flange pad also has different materials, from low pressure asbestos pad, high pressure asbestos pad to metal pad.

We can provide DI Flanged Fittings with good quality.

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