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How to Choose IC Card Prepaid Smart Water Meter?

Sep 23, 2017

IC card prepaid smart water meter is a use of modern microelectronic technology. Do you know how to choose the smart water meter?

IC Card Prepaid Smart Water Meter

1, The product should have been approved by the relevant departments of the Ministry of construction.

2, The product should have a legitimate legal person business license and passed the provincial quality and Technical Supervision Bureau identified qualified.

3, The product manufacturers have international certification company certification of quality management system certification.

4, Manufacturers should have a certain scale of production. There should be more advanced production equipment and strict management system.

5,The product has other water companies are being applied, the effect should be selected by other units to try and reflect good products.

6, Meter software function is complete, the general IC card prepaid smart water meter should have the following features: prepaid limit water supply; automatic counting water; purchase quantity automatic accumulation; automatic monitoring of water; residual water shortage automatic alarm automatic monitoring alarm; power supply (battery energy is insufficient to stop water supply, water); auto theft.

7, The product appearance is beautiful. It has compact and reasonable structure, shape and size of the card table, easy to install.

8, The quality of after-sales service quality, to understand whether the product conforms to IC card cold water table standards, management system function is perfect, the system operation is stable, accurate measurement, data is safe and reliable.

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