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Do You Know the History of Ductile Iron Pipe?

Mar 02, 2018

There are many ductile iron pipe manufacturers nowadays. In this article, we will review the history of ductile iron pipe.

Ductile Iron Pipe

1947 British H. Morrogh found that in the hypereutectic gray cast iron added cerium, the content of 0.02wt% or more, the graphite was spherical. In 1948 the United States A. P.Ganganebin et al study pointed out that the addition of magnesium in the cast iron, followed by ferrosilicon incubation, when the residual magnesium is greater than 0.04wt%, to obtain spherical graphite. Since then, ductile iron began large-scale industrial production. The history of ductile iron pipes can be traced back to about 21.14Km of water pipelines from the Seine to Versailles in the suburbs of Paris in 1668. 300 years have passed and the main body is still in use today except some pipelines and fittings are being replaced. China's ductile iron pipe status and prospects China's ductile iron pipe industry started in the 20th century, early 90s, with the strong support of China's Urban Water Supply Association, the rapid development, after nearly 20 years of practical use, its safety and practicality has been Water supply industry generally recognized that in 2008 the domestic annual output has reached 2.2 million tons, 11 times in 1990. As China is a country lacking in water resources, there are over 600 water-scarce cities and more than 200 water-scarce cities. Water supply and water-saving projects are in the ascendant and ductile iron pipes have broad prospects for development.

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