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Flange Joints Supplier

Sep 13, 2017

Flange joint is an apparatus used for sealing flanges. It has a vide range, flange rubber joint, flange telescopic joint, flange dowel joint, flange hose joint collectively called flange joint. Flange joint is connected by a flange plate with a variety of materials. We can choose the most suitable products according to the material.

Rubber Expansion Joint

The advantages of the flange rubber connector is small size, light weight, good elasticity, easy installation and maintenance. It will generate horizontal, axial, angular displacement, not parallel to the limit flange. With the vibration absorption ability, it can reduce structural transmission of noise when it is working .

The advantage of the flange rubber expansion joint is that when the outside temperature changes, the pipe can make the pipe expand freely in the telescopic range and lock the expansion amount to ensure the safe operation of the pipe.

The advantages of flange transmission joint is that it can effectively compensate and relieve the thrust of pipe and blind plate, and also facilitate the installation, maintenance and replacement of pumps and valves. It is the most ideal supporting product in the pipeline installation and operation.

The advantages of flange hose joints. Flange hose joints have good flexibility and fatigue resistance, making it very easy to absorb all kinds of motion and deformation of cyclic loading, especially has the ability to compensate the large displacement in the pipeline system.

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