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What Are The Main Finishing Equipment For Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings?

Jul 21, 2018

What is steel tube finishing? Steel tube finishing is the use of straightening, grinding, cutting, cutting, heat treatment, inspection, testing, printing, weighing, packaging and a series of equipment and means to make the steel tube surface and internal quality improved greatly to meet customer needs, ensure the use and safety of the product performance.

What is the purpose of the finishing of steel tubes? Because of the high quality of the steel pipe and the unavoidable defects in the production process, the steel tube finishing can improve the product grade, meet the special needs of the customers, improve the competitiveness of the product and maximize the profit of the enterprise. Therefore, the steel tube must be fined and processed after cooling.

What is the process flow of steel tube finishing? According to the different types of steel pipes, the finishing process is also different. Generally, it includes straightening, cutting, heat treatment, inspection, testing, printing, weighing, packaging and other processes. The following only introduces the fine finishing process of our company's seamless steel pipe: light tube, straightening, pipe internal soot blowing, flaw detection (ultrasonic and eddy), flat head chamfering, (water pressure test), weighing, measuring length, marking, packaging and finished products.

What are the main finishing equipment for ductile iron pipe fittings? The main equipment of steel pipe finishing is as follows: straightening machine, soot blowing device, nondestructive testing equipment for pipe body, grinding equipment, milling cutter, milling head - chamfering machine, length measurement, weighing, printing, color ring, spray printing, painting device, hydraulic test machine and so on.

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