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Installation And Inspection Of Ductile Iron Pipe

Jul 04, 2018

The hardness of ductile iron pipes is rather difficult in general cast iron body testing, which is accomplished by several parts. The hardness test can be done in the batch inspection of cast iron pipe products. It can be planned in three aspects, and it can be agreed according to the requirements of both sides. Secondly, the same furnace can be tested on the basis of the number of pouring in the same furnace, and the same heat treatment can be made in the same furnace. If the heat treated castings are required to be divided into one brand in quantity or weight, the same grade is stable in the smelting process.

In testing before and after the installation of the ductile cast iron pipe, a sufficient number of materials and components are chosen to be inspected to verify whether it is completely in conformity with the specification of the cast iron pipe and is intact. For the pipe welding, the welds of the welders should be tested and the longitudinal welds of the 100% parts are examined, but the welds on the components approved by this specification are not checked. Finally, the assembly quality of threaded joints, bolted joints and other joints shall be sampled and checked. It should meet the requirements of national standards, but when air pressure test is used, all threads, bolt connections and other mechanical joints should be inspected.

In addition, each batch should be tested, at least three products are randomly selected and qualified. If there are unqualified products in random sampling, if they are not qualified, the whole batch product will be considered unqualified products and must be reproduced.

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