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Ductile Iron Pipe Trench Points

Feb 12, 2018

Solid is Ductile Iron Pipes Manufacturer. We produce high quality Ductile Iron Pipes. In this news, we would share the points of ductile iron pipe trench.

1. Trench excavation

The bottom width of the trench should be calculated as follows: B = D1 + 2 (b1 + b2)

Where: B - excavation width at the bottom of pipe trench (mm) D1 - width of outer edge of pipe structure (mm) b1 - working face width at pipe side (mm) b2- support width at pipe side

2. Trench support

According to the soil, groundwater, slotted section, load conditions and other factors to design, require a solid and reliable, to prevent landslides, support shall not hinder the down pipe and pipe.

Ductile Iron Pipes

3. T-type interface pipe should be set up in the vertical or horizontal corner of the pier. Should be based on diameter, corner, working pressure and other factors calculated by the support pier size.

4. Ductile iron pipe outside the anti-corrosion coating should be based on the soil condition to choose to galvanized and epoxy asphalt coating or higher requirements of the coating.

5. Ductile iron pipeline installation is finished, after passing pressure test, should be washed with low chloride water and 0.03% potassium permanganate solution disinfection.

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