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Do You Know Anti-corrosion Treatment of Ductile Iron Pipe?

Apr 08, 2018

1.Asphalt coating: is used to transport gas pipelines. Preheating the pipe before painting can improve the adhesion of the asphalt paint and accelerate drying. 

2.Cement mortar lining add special coating: this is suitable for pipelines that transport sewage, and can improve the corrosion resistance of the lining.

3.Epoxy coal asphalt coating is applicable to both gas pipeline and sewage pipeline. It is a two component coating with high adhesion and smooth surface.

4.Aluminum cement coating or sulfate cement coating, are suitable for internal corrosion protection of ductile iron pipe and improve the ability to resist the acid and alkali components in sewage.

5.Polyurethane coating is a new type of green special coating developed to meet the needs of environmental protection. 

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