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How About the Performance of the Ductile Iron Pipe?

Apr 04, 2018

Ductile Iron Pipe is a type of cast iron, an alloy of iron, carbon and silicon. Its graphite is present in the form of sphere. Generally the size of graphite is 6-7 grades. The quality of the cast pipe requires the spheroidization grade be controlled to 1-3 grade. So the material itself is mechanical. China Ductile Iron Pipe performance has been improved with nature of iron and steel. It is featured with excellent anti-corrosion, good ductility, good sealing effect, easy installation, etc. It is the first choice for water supply pipes and has high performance ratio.

From the installation time, the ductile iron pipe is easier and faster to install than the PE pipe. And the pressure inside and outside is better after the installation. Also has better sealing performance. From the perspective of comprehensive installation and maintenance cost, ductile tube has superior cost performance. Spray zinc on the inner wall, cement mortar anti-corrosion materials, etc.

Ductile Iron Pipe

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