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How To Do the Leakage of Ductile Iron Pipe?

Mar 07, 2018

The common water leaking of Ductile Iron Pipe is mainly the joint of the pipeline. There are many reasons, the main factors are as follows:

1.Ductile iron pipe is not installed in place or the installation of the tilt angle exceeds the standard. You can check the installation line to verify it.

2.China Ductile Iron Pipe bears the ellipse, the rubber ring does not play the role of sealing.

3.It turn the rubber ring upside down, and rubber ring damaged. 

4.Its entrance has debris adhesion, and not clean.

5.The rubber ring quality is not good, the elasticity can not restored after compression. 

6.The dimension of pipe or rubber ring are not qualified, or they can not be matched, resulting in poor sealing effect.

The way to deal with the above problems, we can install it correctly or replace better products. If it can not be replaced, you can adopt spherical Mohafu section treatment. The slight leakage can be welded, if serious, concrete cover can be used to protect.

Ductile Iron Pipe

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