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Matters Needing Attention in Ductile Iron Pipes Hoisting and Transporting

Mar 10, 2018

1.When the crane hoists the Ductile Iron Pipes, it should be tested first, after the mechanical operation is normal, then to start hoist and construction. When a crane is hoisted, a professional person should be command. 

2.The tripod rod used for installation must be strong and firm enough, to ensure sufficient stiffness, stability and strength. The steel rope should be checked once every time, to ensure safe construction. 

3.In the process of hoisting and transportation, the DI Flanged Pipes should strength the protection. Avoid the collision to damage the pipe and anti-corrosion layer. 

4.In the construction process, we must pay attention to safety and ensure the project quality. Do it once.

DI Flanged Pipes

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