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Discussion on Ductile Iron Pipe

Sep 06, 2017

Ductile iron pipe adopts an advanced cast pipe production process, that is, hot mold centrifugal casting ductile iron pipe. It is can be divided into pressure-carrying pipe and unconfined pipe, which is mainly used for water, oil and gas transmission. With the corrosion resistance characteristic, its life can reach up to 100 years. It can save a lot of casting iron because of the high intensity of thin wall. Safe water, gas and oil supply can be ensured well based on its high delivery pressure. More over, its other advantages: simple construction, low construction costs, low energy consumption, high economic efficiency. With the performance of steel pipe, ductile iron pipe is the current urban construction installation pipe. The equipment used in the production process uses circulating water, no pollution to water. The use of intermediate frequency electric furnace, saving energy, static water quality. There are no pollution atmosphere and the surrounding environment. The product bending resistance, anti-vibration, high pressure.

Ductile Iron Pipe

We provide Ductile Iron Pipe(Tyton Joint or Push on Joint)Ductile Iron Pipe(K Type Joint or Mechanical Joint)Ductile Iron Pipe(Self-anchored or Restrained Joint).

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