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Eight Skills and Experience of Ductile Iron Pipe Construction

Mar 14, 2018

1.In order to install convenience, the rubber ring can be soaked with water first.

2.In hot summer, lubricating oil should be used vegetable oil. In cold winter, rubber ring can be used hot water to preheat to reduce the hardness, then can install rapidly.

3.If Ductile Iron Pipes need to transform in the installation, and it can not satisfy the turning angle of the pipe itself, we can turn the socket of the pipe to the rear slope according to the angle of rotation. So that we can increase the turning angle and ensure the safe use.

4.If it is unconditional to test pressure with water, air pressure test can also be considered.

5.Trench backfill should be tamped, if the pipeline across the road, to avoid crushing the tube, we can backfill coarse sand to the pipe top.

6.Sometimes there will be interface dripping in the construction. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the construction must be carried out strictly according to the specifications when installing. It is necessary to ensure every pipe is installed correctly. For large diameter pipeline, every interface apron should be checked. 

7.In summer construction, the soil can be covered in the interface properly.

8.Concrete supporting piers must be made in the elbow.

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