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Ductile Iron Pipe And Steel Pipe Connect Methods

Jan 24, 2018

Ductile iron pipe due to the use of socket connection, and the general use of welded steel pipe, and both pipe diameter and diameter are inconsistent, so the need for special methods for connection.

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Currently used in the following two ways:

1) Flange connection

This method is a universal connection method, the principle of this method is ductile iron pipe and pipe are converted to a flange interface, so as to achieve standard docking.

This method is characterized by more common connections, the flange made of standard parts, to ensure the stability of the connection.

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2) Socket connection

The advantage of socket connection is that there is no risk of corrosion of the bolt buried. However, for large-diameter pipes, the wall thickness of the steel pipe is thin, and the steel pipe protrudes from the well room, there is a risk that the steel pipe may be radially deformed due to the settlement of the well and the risk of interface leakage.

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