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Prevention And Treatment Of Leakage Of Ductile Iron Pipe

Mar 20, 2019

Poor conditions of the ductile iron pipe base will result in uneven subsidence of the pipe and the root, usually forming part of the accumulated water, which will cause cracking or cracking of the pipe when severe. As a Ductile Iron Pipe and Fitting Manufacturer, we have the following precautions: carefully follow the planning requirements to ensure the strength and stability of the pipe base. When the local base quality hydrological conditions are poor, the soil replacement improvement should be carried out to improve the bearing capacity at the bottom of the base tank. If the bottom soil is disturbed or soaked by water, the soft soil layer should be excavated first, and then the over-excavated part should be sanded. Or the stability of the data such as gravel backfilled and compacted.

The pipe joint filler and construction quality are poor, and the interface cracks under the action of external force.

Precautions recommended by Ductile Iron Pipe and Fitting Supplier : selecting the excellent interface filler and constructing according to the experimental matching ratio and reasonable construction process. The joint seam should be clean, and the cement filler interface should be pre-wet, and the oily one should be boring before brushing the cold root oil, and then carefully constructed according to the construction operation rules.

Ductile Iron Pipe

The well construction quality is poor, and the well wall and the connection with it are leaking.

The prevention method: the well masonry mortar should be full, the joints should be all, and not lost; the continuous outer surface of the well should be wet and evenly brushed with a cement mortar, and the slurry should be in place before the surface is cleaned. Anti-leakage.

The sealing section of the ductile iron pipe is not dense, and it is often ignored because it is in the well. If the brick wall is used for sealing, the following points should be taken: the pipe should be placed within the range of 500 ram before the blockage The wall is clean and clean, and the cement paste is applied together. The bricks used for blockage should be moist and moist. When the pipe diameter is large, the surface should be double-sided plastered. When it is small, it can be used for single-sided jointing or plastering. The surface should be constructed according to the five-layer waterproof construction method.

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