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What Are The Characteristics Of Ductile Iron Manhole Covers ?

Mar 08, 2019

The ductile iron manhole cover is processed by high temperature and high pressure, and has certain compressive strength and impact resistance and corrosion resistance. Widely used in urban road facilities, communications, electricity, natural gas, chemical bases, residential areas and other fields. As a Medium Duty Manhole Cover Factory, the company will tell you about the characteristics of ductile iron manhole covers.

Light Duty Manhole Cover

1. Optimal drainage: The water leakage area is more than twice that of cast iron.

2. Anti-theft design: the cover and the frame are hinged, anti-theft, safe and easy to open.

3. Save on investment: big span. When it is heavy, it is cheaper than cast iron and saves the cost of being crushed and replaced.

4. High strength: strength and toughness are much higher than cast iron, and can be used in long span and heavy load environments such as docks and airports.

5. Specifications: Meet the needs of different environments, loads, spans, sizes and shapes.

6. Good anti-theft: Steel fiber composite material. It is molded by high temperature and has the characteristics of natural anti-theft because it has no secondary use value.

7. Convenient and beautiful: The weight of the same specification product is only one-third of the cast iron cover plate, which brings great convenience to installation, inspection and maintenance, and can produce various specifications and colors according to customer requirements.

8. Long life: Not afraid of acid and alkali corrosion, no rust, electrical insulation, wear resistance.

The company produces a variety of ductile iron manhole covers such as Light Duty Manhole, Medium Duty Manhole and Floating Manhole Cover. Welcome everyone to come to consult and order.

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