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The Difference Between Ductile And Cast Iron Valves

Mar 06, 2019

Customers from all kinds of businesses need valves of varieties for their high-demand processes. Valves are available in a huge number of material for any application imaginable. Some of the material are PVC, carbon steel, stainless steel, Cast Iron Valve, and ductile iron.


Cast Iron: Cast iron is a powerful material that could handle higher pressures compared to any plastic. When graded strain of a cast iron valve or Ductile Iron Pipe is surpassed however, it may crack and bend. Cast iron has almost zero ductility, meaning it's inflexible and will crack if bent. Cast iron may rust with time, so routine maintenance has to be done in order to maintain your valve free from rust. It could handle high temperatures and pressures without flinching. As a result of its ductile character, this substance is less likely to crack when flexed. Ductile iron may also rust with time, although not as readily as cast iron.

Cast Iron Valve

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