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Precautions For Installing Cast Iron Manhole Covers

Mar 13, 2019

For the installation specification of cast iron manhole cover, as a company that produces Light Duty Manhole Cover, let us introduce to you what to pay attention to the installation of cast iron manhole cover:

Medium Duty Manhole Cover

1. Wellhead, reinforcement well circle, well frame anastomosis.

2. Before installing the manhole cover, carefully check whether the type, size and structure of the manhole cover meet the design standards and check for damage or cracks.

3. The well frame, manhole cover and accessories are installed firmly, smoothly and in the correct position. It should be intact.

4. Use commercial concrete pouring; when the concrete curing time is insufficient, early strength and quick-setting concrete should be used; the concrete vibrates and compacts and is closely combined with the road structure.

5. Excavate and remove the surface layer and base material at the wellhead location without disturbing the surrounding pavement structure.

6. Before the well ring is poured, the well frame is stabilized according to the measured elevation; the internal mold of the wellhead adopts a shaped template.

7. The number of pre-embedded bolts shall not be less than 6. If the pre-embedded bolts cannot be installed, the well frame, such as expansion bolts or steel mesh, shall be reinforced by other means.

Our company produces a variety of manhole covers such as Medium Duty Manhole Cover, Floating Manhole Cover and Heavy Duty Manhole Cover. If you want to know more or need a cast iron manhole cover, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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