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Antiseptic Treatment of Ductile Iron Pipe

Sep 04, 2017

When the ductile iron pipe is rusty, we have to do the antiseptic treatment, which is divided into internal rust treatment and external rust treatment.

First, rust removal:

1. Artificial rust removal: ash shovel, planer, sandpaper, wire brush, etc.

2. Mechanical derusting: electric horn grinder is typical, equipped with steel spreader and paper mill etc.

3. Spray derusting: sand blasting and anti-rust blasting.

4. Chemical derusting: it is the acid liquid coating or soaking.

5. Flame removal: oxyacetylene flame is most commonly used.

6. The antiseptic treatment should be done after you the rust removal.

Ductile Iron Pipe

Internal rust treatment:

When cement lining damage, we need to remove loose concrete and clear off parts of the cement mortar to remove surface rust. After cleaning, antiseptic treatment should be carried out on the surface. Then we can use green and non-toxic cement mortar to make up lining. After being dry for some time, it can be used again.

External rust treatment:

Remove the rust spots on the surface. After removing the rust, make sure to process the surface of the iron. Apply a coat of lead and paint or other metals that are not easy to rust. Finally, the asphalt layer is treated with anticorrosion, and the corrosion resistance of the pipe can be restored to the factory standard. The outer wall of the pipe is required to be sprayed with zinc and bituminous paint.

Qualified ductile iron pipe can be used for more than 100 years. Therefore, it is very important to deal with the rusty surface of ductile iron pipe.

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