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Advantages of Floating Manhole Cover

Nov 02, 2017

The Floating Manhole Cover is really an interesting way to deal with heavy rains and the flooding caused by rains.

What is the difference between traditional manholes and floating manhone cover? Or what is the advantages of Floating Manhole Cover?

Floating Manhole Cover

Traditional manholes are designed to be locked into the ground. When the gutter’s capacity of draining water is reached, the water will start collecting in the streets. This causes a lot of mayhem and disturbance in big cities where nothing stops moving around even in such situations. While the Floating Manhole Cover, on the other hand, will automatically raise itself when it becomes drowned by water. This allows more water to get drained in a short period of time. Moreover, the cover also raises a built in screen with it which helps to prevent clogging.

The Floating Manhole Cover is designed to double the capability of cities to drain water in extreme rain flooding situations. Streets may still be flooded to some extent but it would make it easier for the busy city life to continue and residents will have to face far less inconvenience.

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