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Manhole Cover Needs And Business Opportunities

Jan 02, 2019

In recent years, as the country has increased its investment in infrastructure and urbanization, the state has invested heavily in public facilities. It is estimated that the number of new Manhole Cover and The annual replacement capacity is at least 10 million sets, which shows that the demand for Floating Manhole Cover is huge.

The "urban trap" formed by the lack of manhole cover has become a social problem that the people care about, the government leaders are bothered, and the victims are worried. People are eager to have a good solution.

Whether it is a big city, a small or medium-sized city, or an economically developed village or town, as long as there are public facilities such as running water, street lamps, drainage, telecommunications, gas, heat, fire, sanitation, etc.

In addition, it is necessary to install a city with a population of 500,000 inspecting wells. The amount of rainwater rafts and manhole covers can reach 250,000 sets, and the annual demand for Manhole Cover is about for 2-3 million sets, therefore, The huge market offers huge opportunities for new types of anti-theft manhole covers and rain tweezers.

China will gradually switch to composite manhole cover in three to five years. Before 2008, the basic elimination of cast iron manhole covers. Hangzhou has banned the use of cast iron manhole covers in new projects in 2004.

Light Duty Manhole Cover and Medium Duty Manhole Cover is also provided.

Manhole Cover

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