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The Wold Leading Manufacturer Of Ductile Iron Pipes

Aug 29, 2018

Solid Industrial provides complete answers for your drinking water distribution, wastewater systems, municipal castings and soil & drain-markets.

With over 10 product testimonials in its catalog, we offers best high quality products developed in compliance with European and global standards.

Ductile Iron Pipes with coatings and fittings adapted to various website configurations and soil kinds withstand the hazards during their transportation, handling, placing and use.

Solutions marketed under the Solid Industrial worldwide brand include:

1. Complete ductile iron alternatives for:

2. Drinking water distribution, irrigation, wastewater and rainwater evacuation markets,

3. Mine and business markets,

4. Complete ranges of DI Flanged Pipes, hydrants and Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings for water networks.

5. Ductile iron municipal castings for network access (water, wastewater and telecommunications)

Ductile Iron Pipes

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