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How To Install Floating Manhole Cover?

Oct 30, 2018

Floating Manhole Cover is the security guardian of the city streets. When we walk on the street, we will find many manhole covers. When the large water does not pass the well cover to a certain extent, it will automatically float and bring up the net. On the one hand, the well cover will be prevented from floating around. On the one hand, the water outlet will be enlarged, and the debris will be intercepted to prevent the sewer from being blocked. Do you know how to install it?

1. Check the width of the Manhole Cover or opening the framework is to be ftted on. If needed, add a formwork round and/or within the manhole where the cover is to be ftted. Make Sure the framework Doesn't lay on the formwork When in its fnal place.

2. Examine the state of the manhole groove or opening, eliminating any debris, loose dirt or particles (oil, dirt, etc.). Remove any dust out of the support.

3. Don’t use any (Wooden or Metal ) Mounts, or Some Other threaded spindles when adjusting the height of the frame.

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Floating Manhole Cover

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