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Market Analysis Of Floating Manhole Cover

Dec 20, 2018

The Floating Manhole Cover is a closure to the top of the entrance and exit of the underground facility, where tap water, cable TV, drainage, telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, electricity, gas, heat, Fire protection, sanitation and other public facilities need to install inspection wells, which requires well covers, especially in recent years, the state has increased investment in infrastructure and urbanization. The state has invested heavily in public facilities, urban transformation and new construction. Wires, cables, and optical cables have been turned into underground, so the demand for Light Duty and Medium Duty Manhole Cover has increased.

This Manhole Cover is a ditch cover for drainage, and the use of cast iron (including ductile iron) manhole cover is more than 80% in urban roads, squares and residential quarters, especially the ductile iron manhole cover is compared with the cast iron manhole cover. Because its material is improved in brittleness, rust, and load capacity, it is used more and more.

Because the cast iron manhole cover has a recycling value, some lawless elements see profitable, and the cast iron manhole cover is stolen and smashed and bought into a waste recycling shop.

Especially in recent years, Medium Duty Manhole Cover Factory found , with the increase in steel prices, the phenomenon of theft of the manhole cover has become increasingly serious.

Floating Manhole Cover

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