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What Is Flange Adaptors?

Aug 21, 2018

The two pipes are flanged to each other by DI Flanged Pipe.

Flange Adaptors is a component that electronically or physically connects a device to a computer or another device. It is a stand-alone hardware interface device or an information interface.

For example: power adapter, tripod base adapter, USB and serial port transfer.

Flange is the part that connects the pipe to the pipe and the valve, and is connected to the pipe end. The flange has an eyelet, and the bolt connects the two flanges. Sealed with gasket. Flange threaded connection (wire joint) flange and welded flange and ferrule flange.

It’s a device that connects any flanged device, such as valves, pumps and other devices and comes with a variety of pipe circumferences and materials.These kinds of Flange Adaptors are often used in the piping industry for water and sewage installations.

Flange Adaptors

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