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Some Installation Requirements Of Ductile Iron Drain Pipe Application

Dec 11, 2018

Ductile Iron Pipe is representative of Ductile Iron Drain Pipe. Let us talk about some installation requirements of Ductile Iron Drain Pipe Application: before construction, do a visual inspection of pipe, pipe fittings, rubber ring, etc. to ensure that they can be used normally. Specific installation procedures: clean the socket socket → clean the rubber ring → upper rubber ring → lower tube (pipe tube) → brush the lubricant on the outer surface of the socket and the rubber ring → push the tube to insert it into the socket → check.

Specific installation points of Restrained Joint Ductile Iron Pipe:

1. Clean the nozzle: Remove all the debris in the socket and clean it.

2. Clean the rubber ring and the upper rubber ring: clean the adhesive on the rubber ring, bend the rubber ring into a plum shape or an 8-shaped shape into the socket, and press it along the entire rubber ring by hand. , or use a rubber mallet to ensure that all parts of the apron are evenly caught in the groove.

3. Apply lubricant to the outer surface of the socket and the rubber ring: apply the lubricant evenly on the inner surface of the rubber ring installed on the socket, and insert the lubricant outside the socket when the lubricant is applied to the outer surface of the socket. Brush all the way.

4. Lower tube: The tube should be lowered to the bottom of the tank according to the requirements of the tube. Under normal circumstances, the artificial lower tube method or the mechanical lower tube method can be used.

5. Installation equipment: Install the prepared equipment in place. Be careful not to contaminate the cleaned parts again during installation.

6. Push the tube to insert it into the socket: During installation, it is more labor-saving and smooth to insert the socket into the socket. First put the socket into the socket and press the socket onto the rubber ring in the socket, connect the wire rope and the chain, and tighten the chain; until the socket is inserted into the socket, the gap between the socket and the socket should be about 2mm. And ensure that the distance between the ductile iron pipe and the apron around the socket is the same.

During installation, You have to need the High Quality Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings. Any else information, please let us know in time.

Ductile Iron Pipe

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