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Dismantling Joints Play A Decisive Role In The Design And Layout Of Pipelines

Aug 09, 2018

Dismantling Joints play a decisive role in the design and layout of pipelines and API Gate Valve. They are an essential aid during the installation and removal of pipe sections and valves. Without a dismantling joint offering longitudinal adjustment, it is almost impossible to insert a valve exactly into a pipe section. Thanks to this adjustability of the dismantling joint, the valve can be fitted next to the dismantling joint, and the dismantling joint can be to set to the exact length required prior to being securely connected to flanges.

Dismantling Joints simplify installations and replacement of DI Flanged Fittings in retrofitting applications, providing the solution for adding, repairing or replacing flanged fittings within a flanged pipe system. Adjustable, slip joint designs accommodate either wide gaps or close quarter installations and eliminate the need for precise measurements between flange connections. These items are available in sizes 2" and larger, for ductile iron or flanged PE piping systems. 

For more product information please contact Dismantling Joints Manufacturers for futher details.

Dismantling Joints

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