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The Most Complete DI Flange Fittings Basic Knowledge Summary In History

Nov 13, 2018

Regarding the flange, how many do you understand. Let the professional manufacturer introduce you to the knowledge about it.

1. What is a looper flange, where is the looper flange used and what DI Flanged Pipe Fittings are used?

The looper flange is a movable flange. It is usually matched on the water supply and drainage fittings (the most common one on the telescopic section). When leaves the factory, there is a flange at each end of the expansion joint, which is directly connected with the pipeline in the project. The equipment is bolted.

2. How is the flange welded to the pipe?

There are many types of flanges. Generally used are flat flanges, Long Weld Neck Flange, loop flanges, etc. Flat Flange is used for medium and low pressure. It adopts plug welding and welding on both sides. The welding depth is 2-5mm from the flange sealing surface. The butt welding flange can be directly butt welded. The loose flange bolt connection does not need welding.

3. What does the flange type mean?

The DI Flange Fittings is a link that connects the valve to the pipe. That is, the joint is bolted when the valve is connected to the pipe. Therefore, the N-uniform bolt holes on both ends of the valve are flanged.

1. Flange: Flange is the transliteration of flange, meaning flanged things, parts, which can be separate, flanges, or combined, such as one or both ends of the pipe. Flange, there are several through holes on the flange to install the screws. Some bearings have flanges on the outer ring. This flange can be used with or without holes. It is only used for rib positioning.

2. Flange type: The connection between the valve and the pipeline or machine equipment is flanged, that is, the connection method is called flange type.

DI Flange Fittings

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