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Ductile Iron Pipe's Influence On the Environment

Apr 28, 2018

Ductile Iron Pipe from the developed world is generally manufactured exclusively from recycled stuff such as scrap steel and iron that is recycled. In relation to ecological impact, many studies have contrasted ductile iron pipe's influence on the environment together with that of other pipe materials. A research by Jeschar et al. in 1995 compared the energy usage and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated in manufacturing pipes of different materials such as concrete, ductile iron, cast iron and PVC, dependent on pipes using minimal diameter of 100mm to 500mm. The energy absorbed in production Restrained Joint Ductile Iron Pipe had been 19.55 MJ percent and quantity of emissions released through fabrication was 1.430 kg CO2 percent, compared to 68.30 MJ per kg of electricity and 4.860 kg CO2 percent emissions for PVC pipes, also 1.24 MJ per kg and 0.148 kg CO2 per kg for concrete pipes of the exact same diameter. Based on some 2008 analysis by Koo et al. China Ductile Iron Pipe gets the smallest effect on natural resource depletion, in contrast to HDPE pipe and PVC pipe.

China Ductile Iron Pipe

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