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Application of Ductile Iron Pipe in Agriculture

Aug 02, 2017

For a long time, agricultural irrigation requirements for pipeline sealing performance are not as stringent as drinking water, and this concept is changing as water resources become scarce and cost increases. In order to ensure long-term impermeability, the agricultural irrigation pipe network must be able to resist soil movement, agricultural machinery, water hammer and any other possible accidents.

Ductile iron pipe adaptability, it is easy to amend the original pipeline. Ductile iron pipe system has a high safety margin, enough to meet the above situation. The current small or satellite hydropower generation is a newly developed area, these hydropower stations are usually operated by local enterprises or private capital. 

In this field the ductile iron pipe has the ability to resist internal high water pressure, as well as the ability to resist external pressure of the soil topography, allowing the pipeline to be buried in the pit and the valley. 

ductile iron pipes

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