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Ductile Iron Pipe Has Been Widely Used in Many Industries

Jul 31, 2017

The use of ductile iron pipe is more and more, summer is more rainfall season, the rainfall can be very effective to reflect the role of bulb tube, ductile tube is not only common in the construction of the city, but also a lot of we do not know the industry are widely used.

Whether in the municipal or industrial areas, the protection of people's property security is an important mission of the fire pipe system. Ductile iron pipe design has three times the safety factor, not only to ensure that the entire fire system, including valves and fire hydrants combined with ductile iron products, and fully meet the fire pipe system requirements. 

Ductile iron pipe is widely used in water supply, oil pipelines and food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries production process. In the market of municipal pipe network, water supply company, urban construction, real estate development, coal mine, petroleum, chemical industry and electric power industry, It has considerable resources and service advantages.

Ductile Iron Pipes

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