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Applications of Ductile Iron Pipe in Industry

Jul 14, 2017

Many countries and regions use ductile iron pipe, it can work in the connection between the tube and the tube, thereby enhancing the use of pipe performance, ductile iron pipe must have excellent shock resistance and sealing performance in the use, the work efficiency will be more high.

In the production process, the main component of ductile iron pipe is carbon, silicon, Meng, sulfur and other materials, so it has a very good work performance, it is a kind of cast iron pipe, the quality requirements also reached the cast iron pipe ballification level, which can be seen that the mechanical properties of the material, it also has the nature of iron and steel performance. In the municipal, industrial and mining enterprises to water, gas, oil and other industries, they have a wide range of applications.

Ductile Iron Pipe

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