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Do You Know The Fire Hydrant?

Jul 11, 2017

Fire hydrant belongs to a fixed fire facilities, the main role is to control combustibles, isolated combustion, eliminate the fire source. Divided into indoor fire hydrant and outdoor fire hydrant.

Indoor fire hydrant is through the indoor pipe to supply water to the fire, with the valve interface for the factory, warehouse, high-rise buildings, public buildings and ships and other indoor fixed fire facilities, usually installed in the fire hydrant box, and fire hose and water guns and other equipment supporting the use.

Outdoor fire hydrant is located in the the water supply facilities for the fire set in the building outside, mainly for the fire truck from the municipal water supply network or outdoor fire water supply network to implement the fire, you can also directly connected to the water, water gun water fire. Therefore, the outdoor fire hydrant system is also one of the important fire fighting facilities to fight the fire.

Fire Hydrant

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