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Introduction of Water Supply Pipeline Control Valve Selection

Jun 03, 2017

The water supply pipeline need control valve, water supply pipe control valve generally choose to use the gate valve or butterfly valve, the butterfly valve and gate valve is divided into soft seal and hard seal, in the actual use, how to choose valves?

Gate valve and butterfly valve can be used as a switch as a water supply pipe, gate valve is used for a long time, before the 90s we use gate valve and the effect is very good, but for some large diameter, especially large-scale water supply pipe, use of the gate valve is not worthwhile, the use of butterfly valves just to meet this demand, its weight is only half of the gate valve, the cost is relatively cheap and can meet the needs of the switch. We recommend that no more than 400 caliber generally choos the gate valve, and more than 400 caliber generally choose butterfly valve.

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