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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ductile Iron Pipe

May 25, 2017

Ductile iron pipe is a mainly used as water transport pipeline, it has advantages and disadvantages.

Because it is a kind of cast iron pipe, so the resistance is very strong, not easy to produce damage, it has good corrosion resistance, and can resist the general acid-base chemical corrosion, so the service life is very long. And its installation is more convenient than traditional pipelines, can shorten the engineering cycle, reduce the total cost of the project. The new ductile iron pipe is coated with a layer of special paint on the surface, corrosion resistance is more superior, can be directly used in corrosive soil.

Of course, the ductile iron pipe also has some shortcomings, when it comes to leakage, we need to put all the pipes dug up and then re-put into the engineering, the process is relatively more complex. Ductile iron pipe manufacturers said it has advantages and disadvantages, but overall advantage is greater than the shortcomings, so the application is very wide.

Ductile Iron Pipe

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